Things I Didn’t Expect to Learn in Art School

In the last few days of break before my final semester at Columbia College Chicago begins, I’m being as lazy as I can. I’m still working, still running, and getting some last-minute chores done (ordering textbooks, cleaning out folders from last semester, writing a little bit, etc. etc.), but I’m also thinking about what the last three and a half years have held. If you’ve been following us for a little bit, you know that I’m big on reflection. So, in these last few days before the true beginning of the end, I can’t help but think back at all that Columbia has given me — besides the fact that I’ve created my own major, took both accounting and finance, and learned that there’s more out there that I can do well/enjoy outside of radio. 

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Farewell, England [Ireland/London: Day 10]

Another day full of traveling and the last little bit of adventures in England before heading back to Dublin to finish up the story to round off my portfolio for the next big application. Woke up in Northampton, had my last crumpet for awhile, and bid farewell to Simi (who was heading back up to Liverpool later that day). It kind of hit that we had spent two solid days together, and now we didn’t know when the next time we’d see each other would be… it was like August all over again, but amplified.

Should-be-sleeping selfie opportunity with Simi

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Jet Lag & Turkish Oranges [Ireland: Day 1]

The first thing I saw was a little green box. I rubbed my tired, plane-sleepy eyes, and once I remembered where I was and where we were en route to, I looked out the window. Still about 45 minutes out from Dublin, we couldn’t see much besides the sun and the sky, so I decided to dig into the little green box of Irish Breakfast.

That happened at 3am Chicago time, 9am Ireland time. The six-hour time difference hasn’t been affecting me much yet, but I think the jet lag will set in once I get a few hours of sleep in a bed. I have to thank drum corps for that — teaching me how to operate fully on almost 0 hours of sleep since 2013.

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If you’ve been to school, and you’ve taken an English class, you probably learned that the beginning of something you’re writing is the most important part. Attention-grabbing. Enticing. Compelling. Relatable. Make the reader want to keep going.

Too bad for me, because the best thing I can think of to start off another year of blogging, (and an international adventure and project), is kind of lame:

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Day One: Traveling (And Basically) A Prologue

When I was younger, I had what you could almost call an undying love for airports. I thought they were just magnificent. Magical. You could buy a ticket, go to this place, and at that place, there was gate ways to other places all around the world. And at all of these other places, they also had a variety of places to go. As long as you met the requirements (like not over packing, the liquid rule, etc.,) you could get anywhere you wanted within a matter of time.

Since then, I’ve spent a couple nights in airports, taken more early flights than I care to name, and I’ve learned enough about the different airports around the US to be able to have a halfway ‘decent’ conversation about which ones I like and dislike. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but it has changed my view on air travel: it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Or even really worth how much you pay to do it.

Today is kind of different though. I’m actually currently on a plane between Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA. Besides LAX, I’ve never been to California. I’m sitting next to my seat partner from this past summer on the road with Spirit of Atlanta, and we’re going to Anaheim, CA for VidCon. (I’m hoping to blog every day in preparation for my Iceland trip this November, but you can read more about that here.) It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a plane for a real vacation that’s more than two days long – in fact, over a year (most recent being the band trip to Hawai’i in April 2013,) so you could say this trip has a different ring to it.


Alright, the day is over. We’ve landed and gotten settled in. I’ve eaten a lot, met people, swam in a pool, layed by a pool, and checked out the convention center at least a little bit. I can tell this is going to be an amazing trip.

We went to In-N-Out Burgers for lunch, after the crazy rush of LA traffic (It’s terrible. The traffic, not lunch.) I’ve never actually seen this place, but I’ve heard/read about it. A lot. It definitely wasn’t anything special, and I kind of feel gross still after eating that burger (I don’t really eat burgers, since I run a lot and all,) but I’m still glad I have that ‘quintissential California experience’ checked off the list.

After lunch, we got all checked in to the convention, obtained our SWAG bags, and headed to the place we’re staying, which is with my friend (Coley)’s family, about twenty minutes from the convention center. We hung around the house and the pool until it was time for dinner, (enchilladas and tacos, home made,) and then we went to this place called BJ’s for dessert. They’re called Pizookis, and it’s a cookie with ice cream slapped on top. Oh my goodness, was it the most perfect thing ever. I still can’t get over how incredible this dessert was, and it was just so simple. Take a look for yourself. 

All in all, pretty solid first half-day in California. I’m beyond excited to get hips-deep in VidCon, and I’m equally excited about being able to relax at the beach, soak in some sun, and hopefully finish a book or two on the trip. Either way, I don’t have my running shoes with me, so my toes have some time to heal, my shins can recover, and my feet can relax. Cali-fore-nigh-yay.