Things I Didn’t Expect to Learn in Art School

In the last few days of break before my final semester at Columbia College Chicago begins, I’m being as lazy as I can. I’m still working, still running, and getting some last-minute chores done (ordering textbooks, cleaning out folders from last semester, writing a little bit, etc. etc.), but I’m also thinking about what the last three and a half years have held. If you’ve been following us for a little bit, you know that I’m big on reflection. So, in these last few days before the true beginning of the end, I can’t help but think back at all that Columbia has given me — besides the fact that I’ve created my own major, took both accounting and finance, and learned that there’s more out there that I can do well/enjoy outside of radio. 

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March Check-In

WHERE DID THE TIME GO?? Seems like just last week I was scrambling to get the February reflection together, and now it’s the 31st of March… and time to look back on this past month. As I’ve reflecting on my resolutions and find myself in committees for the college, I wish I would have put more time and thought into my resolutions. It’s not too late to change them, I guess, but there might be some edits next month. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been missing out on telling you —

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January Check-In

You’re supposed to go to the doctor every now and then for a check-up. I think you’re supposed to go to the dentist more than once every two years for more or less the same reason. But what about mentally? Some people go to a doctor for that, but I think most of the world doesn’t. I didn’t do any research on that, it’s just my observation. There’s a stigma to going to a doctor for mental health, though. Which I think is weird. If your mind isn’t right, how can you expect the rest of you to be okay?

Anyway, before I get lost in a rambling of mental health and start spewing off random things, let’s get to the point of this post. January is one of the months that sees the most letdowns of New Years Resolutions, and I thought I’d do a little mini-reflection on how I think this crazy month has gone, if I’m keeping my resolutions, and what’s to come. Because even though my last post was just six days ago, a lot has changed in that time. It’s almost scary how much has changed, and that’s another reason why I wanted to do this post.

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Revelations & Resolutions

January 6th. Even though I’m about a week late to have a “new year new me” post, I finally thought of a few resolutions that are better than “sit up straight” and “don’t suck.” After talking to some friends about their hopes for the year and how they want to make themselves better, I finally started to think about what I want to do to make my “Year in Review 2016” post the best one yet. Anyway, here’s the goals for this year:

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Less Than 800 Words

Everything is moving so fast, and even though in the moment sometimes it sure doesn’t feel that way, I can’t believe that Halloween is just over a week away. I’m going to blame it on being in the suburbs every weekend for band the primary reason that I haven’t been able to update my corner of the internet with my ramblings and life very often this semester (even though that’s one of the best parts of this year so far). In reality, it’s just because I feel like if I wrote something, and did that every week, I’d be saying a lot of the same stuff. Don’t worry guys, I’m still running (half marathon #6 coming up in just over seven days), I’m working so many wonderful jobs (more on that in a minute), still trying to save as much as I can to make DCI 2016 happen, so ultimately, I can return to my family ( In addition to obviously doing my best to stay on top of all of my schoolwork (but we probably won’t be discussing that much). Here we go…hold on.

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Rev. the Arts HN: “Spirit of the Marathon” (Directed by Jon Dunham, 2007) Review

“Spirit of the Marathon” (Directed by Jon Dunham, 2007)

Even though less than 1% of the American population has had the desire to complete a marathon, (Running USA, 2013,) that doesn’t mean a documentary dedicated to the sport of long-distance running is irrelevant. Quite the opposite, actually. “Spirit of the Marathon” is an emotional, inspiring, and well-executed documentary that weaves together six very different lives all going for the same goal; to complete the 2005 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon. Directed by Jon Dunham (“Bound by Flesh,”) this is achieved with smart composition, selecting diverse – yet relatable – runners, giving viewers some historical background of the marathon, and including current, major players in the distance running game. “There’s people competing in marathons, and people completing marathons,” Dick Beardsley (American long-distance runner, inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2010,) says in an interview in the film. “What’s beautiful is that the sport’s big enough for all of us.”

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