What You Haven’t Read about SXSW

Here’s what you haven’t read about my trip to Austin, TX for SXSW so far…


Last week, I had the pleasure of spending seven days in Austin, Texas. Not only was it great being in Austin, but it was also a pretty popular time to be there. South by Southwest (or SXSW) is the interactive, film, music, and comedy festival that completely takes over the city for almost two full weeks. As part of the completion of my interdisciplinary degree at Columbia College, I was able to attend the festival as part of the AEMMP Digital Distribution & Promotions Practicum course. For my project in class, I was able to incorporate something I was planning on doing down there, anyway. I got to write about all of the bands (good and bad) that I was able to catch, and it was published over on Atwood Magazine. If you’re interested in the music portion of my experience, click on the day-header for those ramblings. This post will serve more in the nitty-gritty of the trip, and what you won’t find on a publication. Thus, “What You Didn’t Read about SXSW Already”

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(Review) Hari Kondabolu @ Columbia College, Chicago IL

I said awhile ago I would make a point to take in more art. I’m pretty sure it’s one of my resolutions I seem to fail on and give excuses for every month, too, but on Thursday night I finally took advantage of one of the events on campus — one I wasn’t planning, for once.

Columbia is pretty neat in the fact that there are so many different student organizations on campus. One of them is the Asian Student Organization, and in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, they’re hosting various events throughout the month of April. One of these events I found early in the month, and couldn’t help but squeal when I did. Hari Kondabolu is an American Stand-up comedian who I first discovered on a few episodes of Wits. I thought he was hilarious on the podcast, even after listening to those episodes multiple times, and leapt at the chance to see him live right on my campus. And best of all — for free.

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Reviewing the Arts HN: Chuck Sudo

This is a review done by Chuck Sudo about the wood-grilled cheeseburger found at Nightwood in Pilsen. It’s an example of a good review, because it’s an example of the ‘less is more’ rule, and it follows the upside-down pyramid rule of thumb for a strong review. Sudo also backs up his claims by explaining more deeply what goes into the burger; obviously having done his research.

The second review, coming off more as a collaborative effort, is done with Sudo, Melissa McEwen, Lisa White, Benjy Lipsman, Gina Provenzano, Sophie Day, Joel Wicklund, Carrie McGath, Ben Kramer, Kristine Sherred, Erika Kubick, Robert Martin, and Katie Karpowicz. It’s a longer-looking review that is cut up into 25 short sweet and to the point reviews.

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