136,340 Streamed Minutes in 2016: The Breakdown

I broke down the year overall already – now let’s dig into the tunes behind it


According to my Spotify Year in Review, I listened to well over 130,000 minutes of music. That doesn’t include the hours I spent listening to records, or the radio, or podcasts. I take in a lot of media, but I didn’t think it was nearly that much. I figured since I clocked in so many hours of streaming, I should probably put my two cents out there in what the year looked like musically. I shared with Atwood what I thought the album of the year was — but you’ll have to check that out to see what I thought. I’ll link it here when that gets published. Here, though, we’ll break it down by month, and what struck me as big for that period of time.


Hamilton — Original Cast Recording
The past few years over the few days it takes to ring in the New Year, I spend the time with one of my closest and oldest drum corps friends, Kayla. The last two years, she’s introduced me to new musicals I end up being obsessed with for the year. Last year, it was In The Heights. This year, it was the musical that’s taken the world by storm, Hamilton. This bad boy has been on repeat periodically throughout the year, but mostly during January. Easily.

Galway Girl — Steve Earle
Since I spent most of the month traveling, and much of that in Ireland, this was a song that we’d listen to as we got ready for the day or a night out and want to channel our inner “Irish bar music.” “Galway Girl” will forever remind me of the craziness that happened over those two weeks abroad this year.

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Fall 2014? Check.

As of about 10:30am this morning, I’m pretty much done with my third semester of college. One more to go, and I’m half way. Where has the time gone? I still feel like I just moved to Chicago. Sometimes I think I still need to revert back to my Fall 2013 class schedule, even though that’s been done for over a year.

I’m pretty sure this has been one of the most stressful and difficult couple of months I’ve ever had to endure, and the only way I’ve gotten through it is lists. To-do lists. Grocery lists. Top five of xyz. You name it, I’ve probably made a list out of it. So what better way to recap the semester than a variety of lists?

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(Belated) Summer Picks

It’s a typical Tuesday. It’s -15 at home in Northern Minnesota, it’s a little brisk (but not bad) here in Chicago, and I was scrolling through Facebook this morning. What wasn’t normal, though, is a post I saw – nothing bad, I promise. In fact, it inspired me. Kari Hedlund, the music director for Northern Community Radio (the station I interned for this summer,) posted a picture of some of the CDs of the warmer months, and asked for suggestions on our favorite summer albums. Let’s just say I left a pretty lengthy comment that left me feeling unsatisfied. So here we are. Now that it’s December, let’s warm up a little with my hottest “summer” favorites. (Ha ha ha… no? Okay. I’ll stop.) I know some of these didn’t come out this summer, but I discovered them over the summer. So I count them as summer. Deal with it.

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