We’re (Finally) Running a Marathon

“Marathon” is a word that’s been bouncing around in my head for a few years now. I wanted to run my first marathon in 2015, but my parents urged me to wait until I aged out from drum corps and finish college before I did my first full. I filled the void with half-marathons as best I could, but since coming off tour in 2016 (yes, over a year ago), my sights have been set on finishing 26.2. I started working at Fleet Feet, found myself surrounded by distance runners and constantly helping people who were pushing themselves to complete their goals, and kept chugging on my own path.

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Dublin Running

The act of running is pretty mundane. All it takes is putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes that happens at a quick pace, sometimes it’s at a steadier pace, but no matter how “fast or slow” someone might be, it’s all technically the same. Maybe a variation in the distance an individual goes, but overall… similar.

In major cities, such as Chicago, we have a number of running organizations, clubs, and stores to support people who enjoy that fast-paced “one foot in front of the other” sport. The same goes in Dublin, Ireland. After wandering around the Temple Bar area of Dublin, you’ll probably stumble on Runlogic, a cross-roads running store owned by Ash Seynik. At the shop you’ll not only find your running necessities, but also a gait analysis area, and a cafe. I found another similarity between Dublin runners and Chicago runners, and that’s how we define ourselves. Here’s Seynik:

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Year in Review: 2015

It’s been a crazy busy year — and it’s finally summarized!

Much like a lot of this past year, I’ve procrastinated a lot in writing this year-end blog post. I’ve been thinking a lot about it, I promise, but time has just gotten away from me. Hopefully, 2016 will be a different story, but let’s end the year on a strong note here on my little corner of the internet filled to the brim with ramblings. 2015 was a great year, and here’s some pictures to prove it. Stay with us.



For the second time, I rang in the new year with my Spirit Family. When I arrived on New Years Eve, I wasn’t exactly sure what my summer would consist of, but when I flew back to Chicago a few days later, I knew that I wanted nothing more than to return to my family in baby blue.

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Less Than 800 Words

Everything is moving so fast, and even though in the moment sometimes it sure doesn’t feel that way, I can’t believe that Halloween is just over a week away. I’m going to blame it on being in the suburbs every weekend for band the primary reason that I haven’t been able to update my corner of the internet with my ramblings and life very often this semester (even though that’s one of the best parts of this year so far). In reality, it’s just because I feel like if I wrote something, and did that every week, I’d be saying a lot of the same stuff. Don’t worry guys, I’m still running (half marathon #6 coming up in just over seven days), I’m working so many wonderful jobs (more on that in a minute), still trying to save as much as I can to make DCI 2016 happen, so ultimately, I can return to my family (gofundme.com/erikamarches2016). In addition to obviously doing my best to stay on top of all of my schoolwork (but we probably won’t be discussing that much). Here we go…hold on.

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Rev. the Arts HN: “Spirit of the Marathon” (Directed by Jon Dunham, 2007) Review

“Spirit of the Marathon” (Directed by Jon Dunham, 2007)

Even though less than 1% of the American population has had the desire to complete a marathon, (Running USA, 2013,) that doesn’t mean a documentary dedicated to the sport of long-distance running is irrelevant. Quite the opposite, actually. “Spirit of the Marathon” is an emotional, inspiring, and well-executed documentary that weaves together six very different lives all going for the same goal; to complete the 2005 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon. Directed by Jon Dunham (“Bound by Flesh,”) this is achieved with smart composition, selecting diverse – yet relatable – runners, giving viewers some historical background of the marathon, and including current, major players in the distance running game. “There’s people competing in marathons, and people completing marathons,” Dick Beardsley (American long-distance runner, inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2010,) says in an interview in the film. “What’s beautiful is that the sport’s big enough for all of us.”

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Green Hair’s Back! (But I’m Not Quite)

Three weeks out from my fourth half marathon, and I’m still struggling with injury/physical therapy… but I’m in the process of getting the green streak back in my hair, just like last year! It’s been a ride of a week.

I had a great 10 miler on Tuesday. A little bit of soreness, but I also haven’t ran that well since the last time I did speedwork (which was about four weeks ago… almost a month.) The day after, I had my first physical therapy appointment. I was diagnosed with runner’s knee/patellafemoral pain syndrome last week, and even though they’ve cleared me to run when my knee’s taped, I still have to be extremely careful about what I do and when I do it.

So, first day of PT, I was crazy crazy CRAZY sore and wiped for the rest of the day. I took it easy Thursday (gym workout and PT) because I was still pretty sore from getting my IT band thoroughly rolled out for the first time on Wednesday. So, essentially, two days off from running.

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RRW Day Four: KT Tape Free!

The elliptical has never been a source of joy for me — but today, it was the best thing to come into my life the past four days. Since I woke up late, I rushed downstairs to get my time in, and forgot to take my regular morning painkillers. (That sounds bad, I know, but it’s just one of those things I’ve been dealing with forever.)

15 minutes on the bike, 45 minutes of elliptical, AND PT… relatively pain-free! The day was also spent KT Tape free, something that hasn’t happened since sliced bread it seems!

Feeling a lot more confident about being able to run on Friday and Saturday this week, but definitely going to keep up with the PT this time, even once the pain subsides. If I’ve learned anything in the past four days, it’s that strength training and proper stretching is absolutely necessary to avoid having to take even more time off.

Almost there. Just two-three more days, and I’m home free (hopefully!)