January Check-In

You’re supposed to go to the doctor every now and then for a check-up. I think you’re supposed to go to the dentist more than once every two years for more or less the same reason. But what about mentally? Some people go to a doctor for that, but I think most of the world doesn’t. I didn’t do any research on that, it’s just my observation. There’s a stigma to going to a doctor for mental health, though. Which I think is weird. If your mind isn’t right, how can you expect the rest of you to be okay?

Anyway, before I get lost in a rambling of mental health and start spewing off random things, let’s get to the point of this post. January is one of the months that sees the most letdowns of New Years Resolutions, and I thought I’d do a little mini-reflection on how I think this crazy month has gone, if I’m keeping my resolutions, and what’s to come. Because even though my last post was just six days ago, a lot has changed in that time. It’s almost scary how much has changed, and that’s another reason why I wanted to do this post.

First, a quick reflection on my resolutions

1. Pay attention in class

We had our first week of classes here at Columbia this week, and even though the first read isn’t always accurate, I think it’s safe to say it’s going to be an awesome academic semester. I’m only enrolled in four classes, (since Ireland covered three credits over the J-Term), but all four are pretty important classes. I’m taking Finance online, Production Practicum for the radio department, Internet and Mobile Business, and Leadership. The two I’m most excited about are definitely Internet/Mobile Business and Leadership. Primary because these teachers are so excited about the topic they’re teaching, and they both seem to have lived incredible lives so far, plus they’re open to sharing all of it with us. Yeah, paying attention in class isn’t going to be a problem this semester, and I’m ecstatic about that.

2. Become too busy for social media

Since coming back from Europe, this hasn’t been as attainable. But for the most part, I think I’m doing a lot better on this in my day-to-day life. I’ve found that I’m spending less and less time on Facebook/Twitter while I’m interacting with people face-to-face. I’ve only been back in America for about a week, but I’m hoping this trend keeps up. There were so many times while in Ireland/England that I’d go the whole day without checking any of the social media streams, and it was pretty neat to end the day catching up on the lives of those that are important to me. It’s amazing how much more content is there when you’re not taking it in throughout the whole day. I’m by no means at the point where I’d like to be, but I think I’m making progress.

3. Stop beating myself up

This one hasn’t been so great. I’ve been sick since I got back from Ireland, I’ve wound up back in Physical Therapy for (roughly) six weeks, and I haven’t been able to run hardly at all because of these reasons. Being someone who thrives after being physically active, going through the stress and business of the first week back has been especially difficult not being able to turn to running right away. I’m planning to get out today once I get some other things done, so hopefully I’ll be able to ease myself back in slowly. I miss getting back it my apartment in the morning after an 8-mile run, jumping into the shower to warm up, and listening to The Current as I get ready for a day of class and work. Definitely excited to get back to that, but I’m still trying to not further injure myself.

4. “Me Time” everyday

Another difficult one to fulfill. The past week, we’ve been up pretty late on Skype every night working on some things for Spirit, and since I’ve been sick, I’ve wanted to get to sleep ASAP to try and kick the cold. But, I’ve enjoyed the time spent with the f<(mily, and it feels good to be doing work to benefit the corps. So in a weird way, I think that can almost count as me time? This is one I think I’ll be trying to strike the balance in continuously.

5. Take in more art

Almost a sub-section for resolution four. But, I just finished About A Boy on Netflix, so I’m keeping up on this resolution. And I listened to The National’s station on Spotify for quite awhile yesterday, and followed a few of my friends’ playlists to expand my knowledge on their tastes in music, and stumbled across a few songs I really like. I’m hoping to get a free afternoon sometime soon to take a trip to the Art Institute and take in the dictionary definition (since I’m a Columbia student, we get free admission every day).

5a. Write more

I think I’ve been the most successful on this one. After blogging every day in Ireland, I’ve found that I can articulate more about the trip in fewer words, and I enjoy writing more. To be honest, I’ve been itching to write a post since I got back, and it’s been weird not having something new on the page daily. So here we are, prioritizing the blog over finishing up the fitness groups.

6. Become passionate again

I hate to blame a cold for this one, but it’s true. I’ve lost a little bit of my passion for running and pushing through, I haven’t been able to finish producing my piece for the Ireland class, and I’ve been letting some of my SGA work slip through the cracks. That’s going to change in February. The second I’m cough-free for 45 minutes, I’m ready to tackle everything again in my life. I just need to be able to breathe and talk through meetings.

I’m human. Things happen. And things also change. I stopped by the Advising office on Wednesday morning to make sure I was set to finish on time, and I ended up having a completely different conversation — one about changing my major(s) a little, and finishing my undergrad early. Yes. Early.

It’s all super up in the air right now, but I’m exploring the option of going “Interdisciplinary,” which is basically taking the classes that I think would best benefit me of both my majors, Radio and Media Management, and creating a blend of the two. Long story short, it’s basically taking out any classes that would be redundant (such as Entertainment Marketing/Marketing and Promotions, two required classes in each Media Management and the Radio Departments that essentially cover the same things), and making those credits cover each other. It would save time, money, and give me the same education that I’d get from the double-major.

But, like I said, it’s definitely not set in stone yet. I was talking with our President of SGA last night, and we started discussing grad school. One of the things my parents suggested was starting grad school in the “spring semester” to serve as a buffer between my undergrad and my ageout for drum corps, and I’d have to start applying soon.

Which is nuts.

So, lots of exciting things running through my mind, and I’m hoping to get a better perspective on it once I’m able to physically run again. Stay with us, though. I think this year is going to be crazy interesting.


Author: erikabunk

Raised in Northern Minnesota. BA in Radio/Business & Entrepreneurship. Painfully average marathoner. Spends too much time on Spotify, in search of the best record store in the world, and dreams of returning to Reykjavík.

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