Cemetery & Gelato [Ireland: Day 12]

With only two full days left in Dublin, I decided to start to try and insert some more normality back into my life, and dragged my butt out of bed early to get a run in at 6am. All things considered (my ankle is still a bit sore, but definitely doing better), I was happy with my slow 10K. I haven’t really ran in about two and a half weeks, so I’ve gained a lot of my mile time back. As of right now, I am planning on running in the F3 Half Marathon this coming Saturday, and scheduling a doctor’s appointment as soon as I possibly can once I get back into the city.

Runfie on Grafton

After the run, we grabbed our typical breakfast, and then had class at Griffith College. The interesting thing about this school is that it used to be a jail, and I couldn’t help but imagine how many jokes the students there must make about it being a prison. The grounds were beautiful, though, and our speaker was incredibly inspiring.

Griffith College

Fast-forward a few hours, and we found ourselves on the hop-on/hop-off bus again… and with the same guide, for the third time. This time around, we were on our way to the Glasnevin Cemetery. Being there was another one of those super eerie feelings, just realizing how many bodies that served as the physical outline for all of these crazy inspiring, amazing people. I probably would have enjoyed hearing their stories a lot more if I could have felt my toes/feet.

Cemetery Sunset

We hopped on the hop-on/hop-off bus tour for the last time, and were happy to see our favorite guide once again. Unfortunately, the rush hour traffic in Dublin didn’t get us back to the other bus in time to hop back to get to the stop closest to our hotel, so a small group of us started walking towards Grafton Street in search of that European shopping experience… and gelato.

Class photo with our favorite guide

Surprisingly, we couldn’t find anything worth purchasing in the handful of clothing stores we stopped at. Not only that, but all of them were laid out in a pretty confusing way. For example, the way the escalators worked, forced you to walk through most of the merchandise on each floor to continue your descent back down to the ground floor. Maybe it’s a marketing/business strategy, but it annoyed a lot of us Americans.

The weirdness was soon forgotten when we stopped by Gino’s Homemade Italian Ice Cream stand on Grafton. After walking by the place so many times, smelling the incredible aromas, and finally letting that gelato hit our tastebuds… wow. Just, wow. Words can’t even describe how amazing the cup of goodness was.

Gino’s Nutella Gelato

The rest of the evening was pretty low-key. Alexis and I soaked in the hot tub and sweat off some of the gelato in the sauna. We swung through Tesco and grabbed some beverages, and a few of us started to share some of our “Ireland Hauls” — i.e., the gifts we got to bring back to our friends and family. I don’t think anyone is really ready to be going back, but it does seem like we’ve been here for so long. Although I’m ready to get back into a routine, I’m going to miss so many of the things that have become “the norm” in Dublin.

But more on that tomorrow. Now to enjoy the rest of the last full day we have in Ireland. Stay with us.

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