Non-Religious & MORE BONDING [Ireland: Day 5]

Nothing but good intentions started this day out, and I think it paid off. The alarm went off around 8am, and I finally rolled out of bed around 8:30. A solid 6-mile “run” on the elliptical (and my ankle is still feeling great, even though it’s close to 1am now), and another hearty Irish breakfast.

A good chunk of the day was spent wandering around Dublin with my roommate, Christy, to find the most touristy gift shops we could. I grabbed some trinkets for friends and family, but mostly enjoyed the record store we stumbled on in a market in the Temple Bar area, Spindizzy Records. I scored on another album on vinyl — Chet Faker’s “Built on Glass” — for cheaper than I’ve found in the states (again). If we had more time, I would love to dive into the record store scene here in Dublin and figure out why I’ve been finding so many of these records I’ve been dying to get for cheaper here than in the US.

Spindizzy Records

Dublin Castle Panorama (feat. Christy)

We also took some time to walk around the grounds of the Dublin Castle. We talked to some English guys for a bit, took in some panoramas (above) and killed more time in the gift shop. After grabbing the best chocolate milk I’ve ever had in my whole life from Tesco, we made our way back to DIT (the Dublin Institute of Technology) for class.

Most of the class @ St Patrick’s

Today, we were treated by our teachers to a visit at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Walking around these grounds felt a little weird for me. Not only because I wasn’t raised Catholic (but I was raised Lutheran), but because I don’t identify with a religion at all anymore. Not to get too far into it, but one day, I realized that I didn’t know if I believed the things I “believed” because that’s all I knew, or if I really truly believed it. I haven’t really had time to reflect on it beyond that, so for now, it’s easier to identify as “non-religious.” To keep it short and sweet, I do believe that there’s something beyond humans and animals and the living ecosystem we know and are aware of, but what that is… well, isn’t that the question?

Excited to take in the view!
Stained Glass Windows

Anyway, walking around these holy grounds felt a little weird, but I couldn’t help but appreciate the history of the grounds we found ourselves on for a little over an hour. The stained glass windows were absolutely beautiful, listening to how the building has been changed and renovated architecturally was absolutely interesting, and lighting a candle for my late Grandma Jean (who was Catholic) pulled at the heartstrings a bit.

Lighted Candles

I couldn’t stop thinking about the historical value of the Cathedral, though. I felt chills almost the entire time we were there with how many things had happened there. It reminded me of leaving home for the fist time: remembering the things that led up to the point of me embarking on a new journey in that very spot, and with nothing but possibilities lying in front of me. Kind of like that, but on a much larger scale.

After class, a few of us hit up the Market Bar. Recommended by one of our teachers, mostly for the 15 Euro special, it was actually pretty decent. I definitely had enough starch, but not enough protein. Certainly looking forward to some sustainable food at breakfast tomorrow.

We turned into Camden Court early, and spent the rest of the night playing games and listening to music in one of our classmates’ room. Thankfully, our laughter and joking around throughout the evening didn’t warrant even one noise complaint, and we all turned into our own rooms early… because we’re headed to Belfast in the morning! Sure to be a great day tomorrow; stay with us.


Author: erikabunk

Raised in Northern Minnesota. BA in Radio/Business & Entrepreneurship. Painfully average marathoner. Spends too much time on Spotify, in search of the best record store in the world, and dreams of returning to Reykjavík.

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