Jet Lag & Turkish Oranges [Ireland: Day 1]

The first thing I saw was a little green box. I rubbed my tired, plane-sleepy eyes, and once I remembered where I was and where we were en route to, I looked out the window. Still about 45 minutes out from Dublin, we couldn’t see much besides the sun and the sky, so I decided to dig into the little green box of Irish Breakfast.

That happened at 3am Chicago time, 9am Ireland time. The six-hour time difference hasn’t been affecting me much yet, but I think the jet lag will set in once I get a few hours of sleep in a bed. I have to thank drum corps for that — teaching me how to operate fully on almost 0 hours of sleep since 2013.

Erika & Bobby with the LITER of juice (to get bus fare)

I think my favorite part of the day was the hour and a half we got to get our mobile phones, Leap cards, and lunch. We got to hang out with each other in a pretty low-key environment for a little bit, and got a chance to explore a little portion of the city for a second. After finding myself in so many situations where I am just starting to get to know a place, I appreciate the free time to explore so much more. It almost reminded me of Reykjavík; and not because there’s more than beige and grey houses here (like there are in Chicago).

Cool door in Dublin

Another highlight for me was the walking tour, and a highlight of the tour was getting Turkish oranges from one of the local grocery owners, Jack Roche. He struck me as a true Irishman (so kind), and it was easy to see that he enjoyed his job because of the people he knew from it. Some older people would walk by, and Jack would pat them on the back and ask, “How ya doin’, darlin’?” Plus, the sweet, tiny oranges were perfect on the drizzly walk to the bar we ate at tonight, Against the Grain.

Jack’s Shop, Jack, and our tour guide Harry
Beef & Noodle stir fry

No Irish beer yet. We decided it was probably best to stick to water tonight since we’d rather sleep really well, and have more fun tomorrow. The current plans are to hit up the Guinness Storehouse, maybe find a few record shops, but regardless, we’ll be spending the day hanging around Dublin. Which is still beyond cool to me: hanging around Dublin. 

Stay with us!


Author: erikabunk

Raised in Northern Minnesota. BA in Radio/Business & Entrepreneurship. Painfully average marathoner. Spends too much time on Spotify, in search of the best record store in the world, and dreams of returning to Reykjavík.

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