Revelations & Resolutions

January 6th. Even though I’m about a week late to have a “new year new me” post, I finally thought of a few resolutions that are better than “sit up straight” and “don’t suck.” After talking to some friends about their hopes for the year and how they want to make themselves better, I finally started to think about what I want to do to make my “Year in Review 2016” post the best one yet. Anyway, here’s the goals for this year:

1. Pay attention in class
This is probably the most important one on the face-value. Especially last semester, I usually preferred to scroll through social media or talk to friends across the country instead of taking notes during lectures. It’s funny though, because the classes I paid the least attention in this past semester, I did the best in. I’m not sure if that’s a reflection on my work ethic outside of class, or the class itself… but I want to get the most out of my last three semesters. Especially now that they’re going to be full of classes that I need moving forward in my career.

2. Become too busy for social media
There was something around these lines going around Tumblr for a bit, but I really want this to become a reality of my life. Like I mentioned above, I would mindlessly scroll through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr daily last semester. I think that resulted in a lot of dumb posting, and wouldn’t it be better to have your feed come up and be full of interesting content? I’d like to have that become my reality. I’m also extremely guilty of turning to social media when I’m procrastinating, and I’d like to do that much less.

3. Stop beating myself up
This is a newer one, and something that I’ve been working hard to apply since I finished Physical Therapy last spring. I’m pretty susceptible to running-related injuries, especially if it’s brought on by overtraining. Like right now, I’m at work icing my ankle that is likely sprained (after plugging my symptoms into a few different self-diagnosing websites), just hoping that I can get at least one more 10-miler in before I leave for Dublin on Friday. Or heck, that I can even walk properly before then. I need to stop beating myself up for taking recovery days. I think I’m at the point where I’m in good enough shape to be able to take a day or two off if I feel broken, and be able to pick back up without a problem. That’s not an excuse to sleep in more and run less, because I know that I have better days when I hit the trail before anything else, but if I’m feeling sore in my hamstrings or my knee starts to feel funny, I need to take care of it instead of pushing through another run. No amount of miles is worth an injury.

4. “Me time” every day
Last spring I felt like I was “go-go-go” all the time. Between taking 19 credits and working 45+ hours a week, it was a pretty valid feeling. This year I want to make sure I take at least 20 minutes every day to just relax. Enjoy a record, stretch, read an article on Runners World, clean my room. Something that isn’t necessarily productive or a “checklist item” but will help my mental health.

5. Take in more art
Four of those 19 credits I took last Spring was a writing-intensive class called “Reviewing the Arts: Honors.” For a plethora of reasons, that was my favorite class of 2015. One of the reasons was it forced me to take in different types of art, and to write a strong piece on my reaction to it. Having to complete those assignments, and wanting to do well, made me really look at whatever the medium was in a totally different way.

5a. Write more
On top of that, I want to write about all of the things I do this year. My blog stats were pretty weak in the past year, (probably because I was so busy trying to stay afloat with everything), but I’m determined to be better this year. I think I’ve got a pretty decent start — two posts within a week, a revamped look, and making the site more mobile-friendly — so let’s hope that the positive momentum continues for the rest of the year. The next two weeks should help; since I’m traveling abroad and I plan to blog every day.

6. Become passionate again
This one is important, and I’ve been striving for this one for a long time. After posting a few “year end” things; (like a photo on Facebook sharing some of my running accomplishments, my preview blog post for Ireland, and the “Year in Review 2015”), a handful of people have told me or said elsewhere that I inspire them. That’s the biggest and best compliment I’ve ever gotten. To think that the stuff I do can make something think “I’d like to do that too,” or better yet, change their course of action to incorporate something into their day (like going for a run, taking a selfie, and sending it to me for the Drum Corps Running Club), is absolutely mind-blowing. But I feel like I don’t deserve the status of “inspirational.” That’s a big word. A word with a lot of meaning that I don’t take lightly. I want to not only live up to those comments and words of kindness, but I want to remember why I do the things I do. Not only in running and drum corps, but in radio and business. Even though I didn’t come to Columbia thinking I would end up in the Business & Entrepreneurship program, I did, and I did it for a reason. Here’s to remembering why, and living up to the choices I’ve made when it comes to professional and “recreational” passions.

2016 started off on the absolute best note. Better than any of the past 20 New Years Eves I’ve experienced. I rang in the new year with some Spirit family, I got some chocolate milk, and I had a few days to relax. Even though I’m dealing with a sprained ankle right before I leave to go to Europe for two weeks, I’m trying to look at it positively. I’m taking time to get some things done I otherwise might have not had time to do before leaving the country, and I’m taking the precautions I need to get better.

Here’s to more traveling, more documentation of those experiences in photos and words, a season of drum corps, turning 21, and a year of being happy/healthy/bright. Stay with us.


Author: erikabunk

Raised in Northern Minnesota. BA in Radio/Business & Entrepreneurship. Painfully average marathoner. Spends too much time on Spotify, in search of the best record store in the world, and dreams of returning to Reykjavík.

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