Rambling: We’re ready

I’ve done it, guys. I’ve successfully (?) trained myself to be able to run 13.1 miles in one go, and I couldn’t be more excited for race day in just over a week. I never thought that I would ever want to run a half marathon, and here I am just a week away from the starting gun, and wishing I had just another week so I could keep running (just as the weather’s getting nice too!) I’m three runs away from the big one – a total of 16 more miles on the trail until I hit it with thousands of other runners for the Get Lucky Chicago Half Marathon! 

Those 16 miles are spread throughout three runs – half of which will be done by Sunday. 8 Saturday, 5 Tuesday, and 3 Thursday, race on Saturday. You GUYS! Ahhhh. Okay. I’m good.

Anyway, back to the point. 

This is the hard part. Tapering. It’s completely new territory to me, and I’ve never really had to deal with it before. So this is probably going to be really interesting. The point of tapering is to let your body heal after you’ve been working it to train for so long, but I feel as though I’ve been able to recover enough during training that I don’t need to focus on the taper week. That’s another reason why I’m doing this half marathon as my first, and not Grandma’s when I really can’t end up somewhere weird, injury-wise, I mean. But I’m beyond ecstatic to say that I’m in good enough shape to run a half marathon. 

I have a few people to thank really quick, and I thought about doing it after the race, but I’m just gonna do it now while I’m in a good mood. (Based on my research, I’m going to be pretty crabby next week, since my mileage is decreasing.)

My room mates, Sam and Jessie. They’ve delt with crabby off-day Erika, post-run smelly Erika, and the all-too-talkative Erika for even longer than training has gone on. A couple weeks ago, they even said they wanted to be there at the finish line, and even if we all just go out to brunch after, I’d be more than happy with that. I’ll never be able to properly thank them, but hopefully making them “lolz” and figuring out things to do sometimes is good enough.

My parents, obviously. I’ve called my parents more than twice just to tell them my newest achievement, or asking for advice on tapering (and recouping after longer runs, too.) I grew up having them pester me to work out more, or to not take so much ice cream in a single bowl, so they’ve probably influenced me the most in trying to do something like this. So thanks, guys. (But don’t tell them that.)

Everyone who’s asked how training is going, liked something on Facebook, or support via Twitter/here. I can’t even begin to explain how much this has impacted the training – being able to log on to my computer and have dozens of people supporting me right there, it means so much. Thank you all. 

In other news, my family and I are officially running Grandma’s Half Marathon in Duluth, MN this June, and I’m trying to figure out if I might be able to do the Disney Marathon in Florida in January. The fact that I even want to do a full marathon is kind of crazy to me still, but the addiction is real. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks again, for everything. 


Author: erikabunk

Raised in Northern Minnesota. BA in Radio/Business & Entrepreneurship. Painfully average marathoner. Spends too much time on Spotify, in search of the best record store in the world, and dreams of returning to Reykjavík.

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