Assignment: Early Morning Show (:30 Essay)

The first time I co-hosted the Friday morning show on KAXE is one of the most significant mornings of my life – and I was only ten years old. Seeing the microphone in my face wasn’t intimidating, it was exciting. So was hearing my voice through the headphones, and just knowing that my parents were hearing the same thing, but from the comfort of our kitchen at home. I ran my hands along the smooth marble countertop that all our notes and gear were scattered on. The smell of vanilla ice cream is different at eight-thirty in the morning than it is at eight-thirty at night. The taste of both the best vanilla ice cream I had ever eaten so early, and the taste of radio had never been so great.


Author: erikabunk

Raised in Northern Minnesota. BA in Radio/Business & Entrepreneurship. Painfully average marathoner. Spends too much time on Spotify, in search of the best record store in the world, and dreams of returning to Reykjavík.

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