Rambling: Busy

This world has absolutely no balance. Now, I’m not talking about balance-beam type balance, I’m talking everything. Big picture. You’ve got people who are starving, and people who have too much to eat. You’ve got people who can’t run two minutes, and you’ve got people who run twenty miles. There’s people who are homeless, and then there’s some who have 5392 bathrooms and 2542 bedrooms in their home (just the one in Miami though – the one in LA is much more scaled back.) Then there’s people who have almost nothing to do, compared to the people who are jumping through hoops and twisting their bodies backwards to try and meet four deadlines at one time.

Since I only actually relate to one of those, guess which one I’ll be talking about. Yes – having nothing to do versus being busy. I’m a pretty busy person – going to school full time, working two part time jobs, three “freelance projects” going on, training for a half marathon – that kind of load just looks like a lot, even to me (and I’m the one who’s enduring it!) But it’s really not. I like to be busy, I get bored easily, and having all these things that I can talk about to people helps me not be as awkward in the long run (could be because I don’t have time to be awkward, but whatever, you catch my drift.)

The only problem is sometimes these things clash with each other. As my mileage for the half marathon training increases, my afternoons I kept free for work decreases. My hours go down, my pay goes down, my budget for food goes down, and boom, I’m eating crappy meals in the school cafeteria. Not exactly the best fuel for training. Not to mention the hours of homework I probably have to do this weekend – alongside working thirteen hours on Friday and running roughly twenty-six miles this weekend. And somehow fitting apartment hunting and doing something to look like I have at least a little bit of a social life outside of the radio department. Probably plans that either one of my room mates or I made.

On the other hand, I have a few friends that have four-day weekends every week, aren’t working at all, and aren’t over-loading themselves on credits. And they’re not researching or planning the things we could/should do on the weekends. I can’t even wrap my brain around the thought. It just. What.

I’m not going to talk bad about my friends on a blog, because that’s not what blogging is about (we should totally just stab Cesar!) Today is a special day where I feel a bit overwhelmed with everything – I have class until about 2pm, a meeting at 4:30pm, and I need to try and run eight miles in that little window of time. This has got me all kinds of nervous, and all these thoughts are bubbling to the surface, I guess.

Another thought – I’ve tried twice to start doing YouTube videos, because I love that community. I feel like I have the right personality for it, I have enough things I could talk about, and I even have a good camera for it now (and my editing skills are getting better, thank you production,) but I really just don’t have time to write, shoot, and edit a good video. (I’ll put one of them in so you can check it out if you do so desire.)

So… yeah. I’m not much of a person to rant about things for too long. But this is probably one of my longer posts. Oh well. Let’s hope that there’s not too many more entries like this, because they’re not fun. Anyway.

This blog has been active for about a month, and we’ve already got almost twenty followers. That’s really awesome, and thanks for following my little journal of thoughts and assignments. It’s fun.


Author: erikabunk

Raised in Northern Minnesota. BA in Radio/Business & Entrepreneurship. Painfully average marathoner. Spends too much time on Spotify, in search of the best record store in the world, and dreams of returning to Reykjavík.

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